Slovenia, Tokyo, New York: A Maker Party Roundup (Week 5)

Maker Party By The Numbers:
Total events during Maker Party: 1,830+
Individuals attending Maker Party events:  77,550+
Number of cities hosting Maker Party events: 365+
All over the world we are seeing the awesome effect of people teaching the web with Maker Party. We want to recognize the hard-work of everyone who has been involved teaching web literacy skills, online or offline, so if you have been sharing your skills make sure you claim your Skill Sharing Badge . Let’s take a look at the Maker Party events that inspired us last week:

Pic from Maker Party in Tokyo

Web and Satellite workshop in Tokyo

Here’s what happened last week:

Brooklyn College Community Partnership Teen Makerspace Open House – August 4-14th, New York
This two week long event was the first drop-in teen makerspace in Brooklyn. It brought together 12 high school students, along with Brooklyn College students, BCCP staff, makers and others. Read all about the packed final day of making here or watch the 63 second video below.

India Day of Independence- August 15th, Global
On August 15th individuals everywhere celebrated India’s Day of Independence by participating in an online maker party to make, learn, teach and share the Indian culture, history, and diversity. Find out how it went here.
Web and Satellite Workshop  – August 15th, Tokyo
At this cool party attendees designed characters and stories for the Cansat satellite which was launched on August 15th by the Tokai University Satellite Project. The stories were based on sensor data from the satellite and the actual flight data from the satellite. Get more information here.
Maker Party – August 16th, Slovenia
A small and enthusiastic group gathered at the Center Si.mobil Ljubljana wanting to learn and develop new skills by using the many Webmaker tools. You can see some of what was made here.
Maker Party: Simple HTML for Nonprofits – August 14th, San Francisco
This Maker Party by included hands-on training by Aspiration Tech targeted at nonprofit staff and volunteers that are interested in a better understanding of how to craft effective HTML for Email Newsletters and familiarize themselves with how HTML works. Find out more information.



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