Sweden, Columbia, Mauritius, Tunisia: Maker Party Roundup (Week 8)

Maker Party By The Numbers:
Total events during Maker Party: 2,300+
Individuals attending Maker Party events:  115,000+
Number of cities hosting Maker Party events: 420+
In the last 8 weeks we have managed to teach critical skills to over 100,000 people around the world who have attended events to make and learn during Maker Party. This is largely due to the hundreds of people like you, who are taking a stand for web literacy by throwing events.
If you have thrown or will be throwing a making event in 2014 make sure you have loaded it onto the events platform so we can celebrate how you are keeping the party going throughout the year. Here are some of the exciting events that inspired us last week!


Maker Party in Pune, India

Here’s what happened last week:

Maker Party at Bibblerian bibliotek (library) – September 5th, Sweden
At the first Swedish library Maker Party event participants quickly learned that their local library could be transformed into a living maker space. Attendees were able to remix videos and make web pages with Webmaker, explore Scratch, Arduino,  Raspberry Pi, learn to sew and be creative with fusible beads. You can learn more about the event here.
Coderise en el Jesús María – September 5th, Colombia
Coderise, an organization teaching web development to youth ages 13-17 in Latin America, hosted an event at a local catholic girls high school in Medellín where they learned HTML and CSS through Thimble and X-Ray Goggles. Find information on their event page.
Maker Party Pune – September 6-7th, India
This two-day event included over 400 people learning about Mozilla, Hive Learning Networks and Maker Party. Attendees dove into Webmaker workshops from community members and workshops from partner organizations on photography, origami, 3D printing, robotics, raspberry pi, hovercrafts, quadcopters and more. More event info here.
Webmaker party for youth- September 7th, Mauritius
A party thrown for a local youth club, the invaders, in Mauritius at New Grove in the southern region of the country. Attendees got an introduction to web literacy skills, coding, designing web pages, developing apps and creating videos. See pictures and read more in the event report.
Maker Party Children’s Training – September 7th, Tunisia
The Mozilla Tunisia community helped youth paper prototype and brainstorm before teaching the Webmaker tool set. They were hosted by the Al-Warithoun Science Club, which aims to spread the culture of sciences. Find pictures and makes at this beautiful site Mozilla Tunisia put together.
Maker Party build an app in a day – September 8th, London
Ever wanted to make your first app? And do it in a day? O2 Think Big hosted an in-person event, that was also attended virtually by many others, who wanted to learn now to develop and launch an app in one day. Together, attendees explored the world of HTML and Javascript while embracing peer-to-peer learning to help each other learn and perfect their apps throughout the day. More information is on their event page.


  • New offline teaching kit: HTML Puzzle Box teaches the basic structure of HTML tags
  • See the video of how Mozilla Hyderabad has successfully been able to shape and grow a community of webmakers
  • Read these Maker Party event reports from:  UTM Madura in Indonesia, Media Party and CPPR event in Kansas City


  • Share your Maker Party events with this easy, quick and helpful event reporter (it’s also available in Spanish)
  • September 10th is the day of action to protect Net Neutrality. Learn how you can participate here

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