Teach the web: create your own teaching kit on Webmaker.org

How do *you* teach the web?

How are you teaching digital skills, web literacy and making? What are your favorite learning activities, lesson plans and resources? What’s working well for you at Maker Parties, hack jams and in the classroom?
We’d love to learn from your success — and help you share it with others. To that end, we’ve got some new teaching kit templates at Webmaker.org that we hope will make it easy and fun. We’d love for you to…

  1. Try out the new templates. Just edit the HTML in Thimble to create your own personalized teaching kit. You can include things like learning objectives, an agenda, discussion questions and more.
  2. Have a look at some fresh examples of what other mentors are creating.
  3. Give feedback. Share ideas with our community on how to make the new templates better.

Kit template

Teaching and sharing with others around the world

When you’re done, you’ll come away with a nice-looking web page and personalized link you can share anywhere — including with other mentors around the world who want to benefit from your work.
The big idea: make it easy for you and our global community to share teaching activities, lesson plans and educational resources for webmaking. Together, we can create an awesome free and open collection of resources anyone can use to teach the web — backed by a growing Web Literacy Standard.

TechKim media stereotypes.001

TechKim created this teaching kit as a way to introduce Girl Scouts to hack jams. What do you want to teach?

Get involved

Throughout September, we’ll be reaching out to teachers, informal educators, Hive members, Maker Party participants, Mozilla Reps and makers to teach and share together.
Here’s how to get involved:

Next up: sharing the best new teaching kits being created each week. We’ll be blogging and tweeting about your work as it comes in, so keep watching!