#teachtheweb: Playtesting

Week 7 of Teach the Web was all about playtesting in preparation for Maker Party!
Participants and the Mozilla mentor community at large also responded to the NSA surveillance leak by leveraging it as a teachable moment, and creating and sharing resources that help teach others about issues like privacy, personal data, censorship and digital citizenship.
This Storify compiled by Meredith Summs, Senior Program Manager of MOUSE Corps and member of Hive NYC Learning Network, captures some of last week’s highlights, but you can always find more from previous #teachtheweb topics and participate in the conversation and resource-sharing in our G+ community here.
Next up: this week Teach the Web is all about “making it real,” and putting the lessons we’ve been learning into action by throwing a Maker Party to teach others how to make the web.
Here’s how you can still get involved!

  • Review previous topics and tasks here here.
  • Participate in our weekly Twitter chats @mozteach on Thursdays using #teachtheweb- next up on June 20 at 5pm UTC/1pm ET/10am PT.
  • Join the #teachtheweb Google+ community. Connect with other mentors, share knowledge and get inspired.