#teachtheweb: Webmaking as Learning

In week 5 of Teach the Web, the focus was on learning resources – creating them, remixing them, sharing them. We also dug deeper into issues that can affect how we can bring webmaking into learning spaces, from teaching people about their digital footprint to reflecting on the role of mentors in the teaching/learning process. After outlining goals the week prior, participants hacked this remixable activity template in Thimble and shared a variety of other assets to help teach the topics they’re most interested in, from poetry in code to teaching grade school students about robotics.
This Padlet captures some of the highlights, but you can find more from week 5, as well as join in on the conversations and resource-sharing in the G+ community here.
Created with Padlet
Next up: this week Teach the Web is all about Peers Working in the Open, and using remix as a form of feedback.
Teach the Web runs for nine weeks, but you can feel free to go at your own pace and it’s never too late to get started!

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