Help test new Webmaker Badges

Will you take a few minutes to help beta test the new Super Mentor and Hive Community Member badges on staging? Then make them better by filing bugs or sharing feedback on our newsgroup.

Once these two new badges are tested and ready, they’ll unlock new privileges for community members and help us prep for Maker Party. But first: we need your help to kick the tires and test out the software.

What do we want you to test?

We want you to apply for these badges, and then display them on your Webmaker profile. Plus, for Super Mentors and admins, we need to test the process for logging in to BadgeKit, reviewing badge applications, and then issuing them. Step-by-step instructions for all that are below.

We’re just testing using fake data — none of these badges will count “for real”

You’ll be testing using our staging sandbox, not the live web site. So none of the badges you apply for, issue or receive will count “for real” — we’re just testing out the flow and overall process.

What badges are ready for testing?

  1. The Webmaker Super Mentor badge. This badge is for mentors who have gone above and beyond in contributing to the Webmaker project. Later this summer, Super Mentors will have the ability to issue Webmaker Mentor badges and new Web Literacy badges.
  2. The Hive Community Member badge. This badge is for active Hive Network members that have demonstrated abilities in Peer Observation, Resource Sharing, and Process Documentation.

How do I apply for them?

Click the Apply button on either of these pages:

Where will my badges show up?

On your Webmaker profile page. You can find your profile page at a URL like this one — just replace “[username]” with your own Webmaker username:!/[username]
For example, this is k88hudson’s profile page.

How do I issue badges?

To issue badges, you must first earn a Webmaker Super Mentor badge or be an administrator. At the moment, Webmaker Super Mentors can only issue the Hive Community Member badge. To issue the Webmaker Super Mentor badge, you must be an admin.
Here’s how to do it: 1) Log in to Webmaker with Persona (click the sign-in button at the top of the page). 2) Click the “Issue this badge” button on the Hive Community Member or Webmaker Super Mentor badge description pages, depending on your status.

How do I approve badge applications?

You must have a Webmaker Super Mentor badge or be an administrator to approve badge applications. Here’s how to do it:
1) Log into Badgekit with Persona. Click on the “Applications” tab.
(If you don’t see this tab or any badge applications, contact @k88hudson or @echristensen on IRC to add you to the admin group.)
Applications tab
2) Click on the +[number] button to see all badge applications

3) In the “Criteria” tab, make sure you click ‘Meets criterion‘ for each criterion.

4) In the “Finish” tab, click “Submit Review” to submit your review.

I’m a Webmaker or Hive administrator. What else can I do to help test?

First, make sure you have a Webmaker admin account on mofostaging. There should be a little “admin” symbol next to your username in the top right corner of the staging site. If there isn’t, ask @k88hudson, @cade or @jbuck in #webmaker on IRC to make you an admin.
admin badge
Go to to see a list of badges.

Click on a badge. Try issuing a Hive Community Member badge, or a Webmaker Super Mentor badge by using the ‘issue new badge’ input.
Admin panel
You can also try deleting and re-issuing a badge to yourself through the admin interface.

What’s next? When is this shipping to the live site?

We’re planning to ship everything you see here to the live site by June 13. For a full roadmap of tasks, milestones and deliverables see