#Thimblechat Recap

If you missed out on last night’s Remix the School Year with Thimble Twitter chat, don’t worry! You can still join in the conversation on our forum and/or read the entire discussion here.
We had 26 individuals from 7 countries (U.S., Canada, Central African Republic, India, Venezuela, Indonesia, Nepal) on 4 continents join us in real time for the conversation.
We shared stories about the different contexts in which we #teachtheweb, what people look for in a great project to remix, how to help struggling learners grasp basic web literacy concepts, the types of supports people  need to help them learn about some of Thimble’s new features, and more.
Here are just a few quick highlights:

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! We look forward to continuing this conversation in our forum, and will be scheduling more Twitter chats soon–please feel free to comment here with suggested topics.