Webmaker TLDR: 2013 roadmap, credit for badges and more

TLDR = your summary of what’s happening with Mozilla Webmaker this week, focused on mentors and builders — aka, “the community making Webmaker”

Recording of the Jan 15 Webmaker community call

Webmaker.org’s 2013 roadmap: gathering your input

“How do we create a ‘make-first’ user experience for Webmaker.org?”

The idea here is that from the moment you land on Webmaker.org, you are given the call to action to tinker and interact with content in a very real way. –Jess Klein

Meet these (adorable) young Webmakers from the Philipines

…from a code party organized by super-star Moz Rep Jean Austin:

Get academic credit for digital badges

U.S. high school students will soon be able to get credit for badges they earn through Mozilla’s Open Badges software, reports Education Week:

High School Credit Awarded for Anytime, Anywhere Learning

High school students in Providence, R.I., will now receive school credit for learning experiences outside the classroom through a new digital badging initiative launched by the Providence After School Alliance (PASA) and the Mozilla Foundation.

This makes it the first school district in the U.S. to give academic credit for digital badges. The badges can be earned for work ranging from participating in an urban debate league to taking a studio-arts course at a local museum.
Also in badges this week, check out…

This has been one of the best projects I have ever taught in terms of the positive reaction from the pupils and the ongoing benefits…. The process has encouraged them to work together, obtaining regular feedback and striving to improve their work…. —@ZoeRoss19, UK Grade 7 teacher

Badges created by UK Grade 7 students

Lots happening in the Webmaker web dev and software team:

  • To 2013 and beyond… Ross | Last year web dev launched *eight* (yes eight) new web sites. This year’s focus: “workload, external contributions, and outreach.”
  • On code review 
    • Andrew | “When I ask someone to review my code, I’m really trying to find out if it makes sense, if it’s eloquent and approachable.”
  • Design Open Badges | Seeking visual designers to to help create cool digital badge designs, for new Webmaker Web Dev community contributors.

The Mozilla Manifesto and Mozilla’s 15th anniversary

Why Mozilla?  Lyre | Does the Mozilla manifesto need revising? How do we make the most of Mozilla’s upcoming 15th anniversary? What will the next 15 years hold?

When I read the Manifesto today, I feel like it is just as relevant now as when it was first published.. but perhaps some of the language could be touched up to add emphasis on how the principles manifest in Mozilla’s efforts to tackle contemporary challenges that didn’t exist just a few short years ago.