Toronto, Mauritius, London and more: A Maker Party event roundup

Every week, people in the community are throwing events all over the world to celebrate Maker Party. We’ve been showcasing many of those events and the cool things people are making on this blog, but there’s still more to share!

BabyMaker Party in Toronto taught individuals to make their first baby site.

BabyMaker Party in Toronto taught individuals to make their first baby site.


Here’s what happened this past week:


Toronto, Canada
Yesterday we saw a BabyMaker Party in Toronto. Participants made their baby’s first website, their first baby website, or even just a website for someone they love. They used the Mozilla Webmaker tool Thimble to “remix” a baby website, along the way learning some basics of coding with HTML and CSS. You can see pictures of the event here but be sure to check out these great makes from the event here and here.


Mauritius, Africa
Kitchen Parties couldn’t be more popular! On Sunday we saw another one take place in St Paul, Mauritius. Check out the awesome pictures here and read all about the event on the host’s blog.

Durgapur, India

This week there was a Hack Jam in Durgapur, West Bengal, India. After being introduced to Mozilla, attendees were shown a demo on FirefoxOS. Next they were introduced to paper prototyping and told to illustrate their ideas for a web/app/popcorn make. They were then taken through a hands-on session with Webmaker tools, taught to remix websites with X-Ray Goggles and hack the web with Thimble. You can view all the fantastic makes here but this comic strip make, which illustrates the day, caught our eye. You can also see the full event recap in this blog post.

London, UK

A family friendly Maker Party happened in London earlier this week at the Hack the Barbican event. You can see a picture of the individuals learning here. Throughout August, Hack the Barbican is taking over the Barbican’s cavernous foyer spaces and filling them with 100 discipline-bending installations, performances, workshops and discussions. Learn more about this cool party here.

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