New tutorials allow you to hack the web right in your browser

One of the most exciting things we’re learning from this year’s Maker Party is people from around the world are genuinely hungry for skills to hack the web. That was our intention when we designed X-Ray Goggles, Thimble and Popcorn Maker: we wanted to provide great opportunities for people to peek behind the curtains of the internet and investigate some of the moving parts.
Recently, Maker Party participants have started to create tutorials to help introduce others to webmaking. We couldn’t be more delighted about these fantastic, user-made resources.

Munich-based Mozillian, Tobi X, created two great tutorials to get you started on your first hack. All you need is a computer with the  Firefox browser.
Tobi’s first tutorial, Maker Party: Your first hack, part 1, shows you how to hack your browser using a little bit of javascript. Give it a try! In just a minute or two, you can easily change the look of anything on the web.
How to remix any web page -- part 1 2013-09-06 14-00-55
Tobi’s next tutorial, Maker Party: Your first hack, part 2, helps you add, change or remove images on any website. Want to add a background image to Google? Change Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile photo? Remove the ads from your Facebook page? This is a fun and easy way to muck around with a website.
How to remix any web page -- part 2 2013-09-06 14-02-42
The coolest thing about Tobi’s tutorials is they’re made in Thimble, which means after you give them a try, you can remix them to make them even better! Simply press the Remix button on the top right corner of either tutorial to alter it any way you like.
Need a suggestion? Tobi uses a German version of Firefox and some of his illustrative photos are in German. Why not exchange his images for photos in another language?
How to remix any web page -- part 1 2013-09-06 14-01-42
When you’re done, send your work our way by sharing it on Twitter with the #makerparty hashtag. People all around the world are eager to give webmaking a try and tutorials are a great place to start.

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