Webmaker 2013 Plans (wrap up)

Matt Thompson just posted the Mozilla Webmaker 2013 plan slides from our last board meeting. As he summarizes:

Webmaker teaches the art 
and craft of webmaking to anyone who wants to make something on the web. It starts with projects: users make (amazing) things, 
learning about the technology and culture of the web as they go.

In 2012 we built the Webmaker brand, product and community.
In 2013 we’ll refine, recruit and get more people using it.

Big picture goal for 2013: Turn our basic Webmaker offering into 
a product people love. Refine it, recruit mentors and get more people 
using it.
These slides represent the culmination of the Webmaker 2013 planning work we started late last year. More importantly, they are the foundation for the next generation products and community we’re building. There are already a number of good blog posts about what we’re building next here, here and here.