Webmaker and the MDN team up

Mozilla WebMaker and the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) are both projects that focus on the importance of web literacy. They do so in different ways, with Webmaker focused on teaching the web through making and the MDN focused on helping people learn the web. But Webmaker and MDN are two sides of the same coin, and as such, we’ve teamed up to help each other expand our offerings.
To begin building bridges, Webmaker is supporting the MDN in developing a learning area on MDN for beginners who wish to learn the web on their own.
The MDN Learning Area aims to provide simple but complete documentation around many of the Web Literacy Map’s skills, written to help beginners learn the web. It is divided into a glossary of terms and a set of learning articles.
The glossary provides simple definitions for the jargon techies use. This glossary will help those who are interested in the web to start a journey on any topic. Learning the vocabulary of the web is one of the first steps towards web literacy.
The learning articles provide more in-depth information for self directed learners. We are beginning to organize various articles into pathways, which will help guide learners towards a specific goal.
To help support learners, we’re building and improving tools like:

We are currently working to build out the MDN articles that can lead a learner through the many resources the Webmaker and MDN communities have. We are looking for people to contribute to the MDN wiki. Help us make sure our beginner learning content is engaging or help by building projects that focus on specific Web Literacy skills using the Webmaker toolset.
Everything you need to know to help build the Learning Area on the MDN is available on MDN. If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach us on our mailing lists or IRC channels:

  • MDN: dev-mdc@lists.mozilla.org or #mdn on irc.mozilla.org
  • WebMaker: webmaker@lists.mozilla.org or #teachtheweb on irc.mozilla.org

See you soon :)