Introducing the Webmaker Fellows

1800s Hack Jam 2013-10-16 16-21-09
Mozilla’s Webmaker exists to promote web literacy and learning through hands-on exploration. In August of this year, we convened a group of 13 artists, technologists, journalists and educators and presented them with a challenge: build something with Webmaker and share your creative process.

We gave them one month and waited with increasing excitement and curiosity to see how they would use our tools Thimble, Popcorn Maker and X-Ray Goggles to combine the creative with the digital.
Today, we’re pleased to present some of the projects created by four of our Webmaker Fellows:

Stephen Fortune

Stephen is a London-based interactive media artist, a technologist and the technology editor of DAZED + Confused Magazine.

His first project, Blinking Selfies, explores the relationship between eyes and attention. Remember You’re Winning creates a story using stock library “business” GIFS, and Automatic Equines uses Thimble to pay homage to the late horse_ebooks.
Stephen’s blogs about his webmaking experience received a lot of attention, especially when John Cusack and Anonymous shared Break the Internet on Twitter.  Read his other two posts Direct your own GIF Film and Superpowered Site Building.
“HTML, the language to which we owe the web we know, is the broadest blank canvas you could wish for. If you want to make or learn Thimble as tool and community is a great destination to begin from.” — Stephen Fortune, Mozilla Webmaker Fellow

Alan Levine

Alan, also known as Cogdog, is an Arizona-based photographer and educational technologist.
His interactive Popcorn video, I Found a Camera, uses a Flickr tag search to generate pictures on a mysterious found camera. Because the tag brings up new images as they are added to Flickr, the video is different every day. Mom Powered Comment Patrol offers a strong commentary on Youtube culture through the imagined #MoPoCoPa movement.  What is On Your Ingredients Label, a playful Thimble page, imagines if your personality had an ingredients and nutrition label.
Alan carefully detailed each stage of his creative process in his blogs, I Found a Camera in Popcorn, Mom Powered Comment Patrol and Thimbling a Can of Beans.

Steph Guthrie

Steph is a feminist advocate and community manager in Toronto. She gets people talking about topics like labour, politics, gender justice and education.
What happens in Rob Ford's office stays in Rob Ford's office 2013-10-16 16-33-27
True to form, Steph dove headfirst into politics with a Popcorn video titled What Happens in Rob Ford’s Office Stays in Rob Ford’s Office, which used news headlines to address a statement by the controversial Toronto mayor. Her X-Ray Goggles remix REAL Women of Canada hacked an ultra conservative website by adding images of LGBTQ couples and links to articles and resources on LGBTQ rights.
Visit Steph’s blog to read her posts, Making Popcorn with Rob Ford and Mozilla Helps me Re-imagine REAL Women of Canada.

Chad Sansing

Chad is an educator, technologist and web mentor based in Virginia.

His Thimble project, 1800’s Hack Jam, allows people to use HTML and CSS to remix works in the public domain, creating colourful, redacted poetry. The Fake Band Wiki Experience recalls the random album cover game, but ups the ante by allowing players to invent a band history and a story behind the album.
Read Chad’s blog here: #teachtheweb: The Fake Band Wiki Experience.
“Webmaker. The Web. Humor. Classrooms. These are all great places to unpack ourselves and share our travels with the world.” — Chad Sansing, Mozilla Webmaker Fellow
Stay tuned for more projects from the remaining Mozilla Webmaker Fellows.