Webmaker on Mars!

Mozilla is proud to announce mars.webmaker.org, two 3D simulations that let you explore Mars from your own computer!
Mars Webmaking
Over the past year, Mozilla and the U.S. Department of Energy have been collaborating on a project to demonstrate what connected learning is going to look like on tomorrow’s superfast networks. With the help of MX Studios in San Francisco, we’ve created Mission to Mars and Mars Rover.

Mission to Mars allows learners to explore an interactive 3D solar system, fire off the world’s newest rockets, and remote-pilot planetary rovers from NASA’s frontier science outpost.
Mars Rover
Mars Rover gives learners the opportunity to remotely pilot the Mars Curiosity rover with the actual software that the Mars Curiosity team used to plan the mission, and simulate and train the project crew.
Mission to Mars
We’re excited about this project because Mars is awesome! Also because it helps us reach our goal of empowering millions of learners through the web. 3D simulators are a powerful tool to help learners engage with technology in an active way that appeals to their interests. We’ve made the code behind mars.webmaker.org 100% open source so anyone can view it, play with it, build on it and improve it.
As part of US Ignite, mars.webmaker.org shows how gigabit networks enable truly next-generation apps. Future networks will enable very rich media simulations and the instantaneous transmission of very large datasets in the browser.
We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the U.S. Department of Energy for making this project possible.

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