Webmaker's Hottest, Issue #3: India's Independence Day, Dinos and Battling Computers!

It’s time for Issue 3 of Webmaker’s Hottest fresh off the press, a brand-new series showcasing the most inspiring and irresistible-to-remix work of makers around the world, featuring your 12 most wonderful makes on the Webmaker homepage each week.
While our last issue was all about eccentric pursuits, from zombie-hunting to scary story-reading to Sailor Moon to DIY T-shirt stencils, this week focused on Independence Day celebrations for one of Mozilla’s most active communities of leaders and webmakers — India!
August 15th marked the 66th anniversary of India’s independence, and it also marked the creation of a colourful and vibrant set of remixes commemorating these accomplishments from webmakers across the globe, all saying “Jai Hind” in their own ways! And because we couldn’t resist adding a few spicier makes into the mix to help keep things eclectic, our featured India Remix makes were joined by other interlopers such as Japanese dinosaurs, battling computers, matchmaking games and a plate of memorable scrambled eggs!
Here are details on Webmaker’s 12 featured makes of the week:

Don’t forget that each of our featured makes are ready to be remixed — you can hack them now by clicking “Remix” on the top right-hand side of each make. We’d love to see what you come up with. We’d also like to say a massive thank you to each of this week’s patriotic and creative makers for such a colourful, crazy and spicy set of makes!
Stay tuned next week for a set of film-ready makes that tell stories through GIFs! Want to be a part of next week’s motion picture feature theme? Get started by remixing this Motion Pictureshow make and send your finished product to Webmaker’s editor using the tag #makerparty — we’d love to see it! More details on how to get featured can be found here.
Until next week, we’ll see you on the wild web!

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