Webmaker's Hottest, Issue #6: Festivals and Festivus

Webmakers Hottest Issue 6
Just in time for the holidays, we give you Issue 6 of the Webmaker’s Hottest series fresh off the press, your friendly community showcase of the most inspiring and irresistible-to-remix creations by makers around the world, displayed on the Webmaker Gallery. This week, we crawled through hundreds of Mozfest and holiday makes to find our 12 final gallery features — and believe us, it wasn’t easy!

This time around, the theme has two parts. Part one is about a festival that is very close to everyone’s heart in the community – the Mozilla Festival — and part two is about a “festivus” to celebrate the time of year we are in, as snow falls outside our windows and we prepare to spend quality time with those we love at home.
At the fourth-ever Mozilla festival this autumn, we saw nearly 1,500 open web enthusiasts descend upon London’s shores to spend an amazing three days building, hacking, and brainstorming hundreds of new projects and ideas together to build the web we want. It felt like a true celebration, and we are still smiling from the happy glow of participants’ accomplishments. And we’re also smiling about something else this month – the festive winter season ahead of us! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice, Kwanzaa, the Chinese New Year, Malkh, Ano Novo, Chahar Shanbeh Suri or Newtonmas, it is definitely time for some more celebration!
So, to ring in the festivals of last year, and prepare for those yet to come, we have put together a concoction of festival-themed makes sure to delight. Here are details on each of the 12 featured Webmaker Gallery makes and the communities and mentors who built them:

Don’t forget that each of these featured makes are ready to be remixed — you can hack them now by clicking “Remix” on the top right-hand side of each make. We’d like to give a last big thanks to all the talented makers, from to Helsinki to Brooklyn to Mexico City, for their wonderful festival creations.
Good tidings to all, and to all a good night — and until the New Year, we’ll see you on the wild web!

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