2016 Fellows for Science Call for Applications

This week, the Mozilla Science Lab is launching our second annual Mozilla Fellowship for Science. Starting in September 2016, we’re sponsoring four researchers to build projects in support of the physical, life, and natural sciences, and we’d love for you to be a part of that process. The call will be open until July 15th, with further details in the application, but we wanted to call out some of the amazing features of the fellowship and especially encourage our community to apply!


The Mozilla Fellowship for Science is an opportunity to spend 10 months working with an institution (university or other academic affiliation) building open science projects that leverage the open web. If you are interested in open science, open access, open data or open source, and you’d like to make the world a better place through research and collaboration, you should apply for the chance to join other talented and brilliant fellows in the upcoming fellows’ cohort.
This is not your typical research grant or academic opportunity, it’s a chance to do something creative, splitting time between your own work, collaborative passion projects, as well as teaching and conference travel. Each of those activities is given equal weight during the fellowship, and you’ll receive support, financial and mentorial, throughout your tenure as a fellow. You’ll be joining a supportive community of fellows and alumni from our program as well as affiliate programs like the Open Web Fellows, contacts that will grow with you and continue to support you beyond the fellowship. Further, you’ll be joining the greater Mozilla network, and you’ll have the epic opportunity to work on the open tech affecting a broad community of web contributors and consumers, you’ll be a strong advocate for open science in that ecosystem and we’ll support you as you develop professionally and personally.
Keep in mind, this year we’ve opened our fellowship call up to our global community, whereas before we had limitations on funding outside the US/UK/Canada. Now, potential fellows from all over the world are welcome and eligible, and we look forward to reading your applications!


Fellows work with their research institutions and convene a few times a year to discuss their work and collaborate with their cohort. We have fellows working on open data and data reuse curriculum, biomedical research programs, open source tools to teach the world about the command line or climate science. Check out the blogs of our current fellows to get a feel for the types of projects and programs the work on, and the issues that are important to them:


We welcome a diversity of applicants from our global community, and the experiences documented in the fellows’ blogs are only the beginning of an evolving program. We’ll be featuring individual blog posts from our fellows over the next few weeks to provide additional context to their fellowship experiences. Stay tuned for those on our blog!


Ready to apply? Here are the links and details in brief:

Application deadline – July 15th
Questions? – check out the FAQ tab here
Join us on our Community Call this Thursday, for more details on the fellowship and to hear more from the Science Lab team! Thanks for reading, happy applying!