Code as a research object office hours – April 24 (11am and 4 pm ET)

Looking to learn more about how to get a DOI for your code? Interested in the underlying technology used to hook up GitHub (a code hosting service) and figshare (an open data repository)? Join us for our online office hours next Thursday, April 24. We’ll be shedding light on the technical build done as part of our “code as a research object” project.

We’ll be holding two sessions, one at 11 am ET for those in North America, Europe, and Africa, as well as a separate session at 4 pm ET for our Australasian colleagues. These sessions are open to all – your chance to ask your implementation questions, gain a better understanding of how the prototype works in practice, and peek under the hood at the codebase.

Have a question you’d like to pose? Add it to the etherpad. There you can also find useful background on the project as well as dial-in information. We hope you’ll join us.