Fundraising Team Charter

Whistler Work Week, June 2015

Why are we here?
The world needs Mozilla.
Mozilla needs sustainable philanthropic revenue to succeed for the next 100 years.
We want more people to understand and connect to Mozilla’s work; engaging through giving gives us a chance to tell this story and underlines our not-for-profit and social enterprise nature.

What are we here to do?
We raise money.
We grow the number of long-term relationships with Mozilla, through giving.
We advocate for our donors’ perspectives and participation.

Who are we?
We are fundraisers; fundraising is our profession and craft.
We shape and steward Mozilla’s story.
We <3 Mozilla.

How do we fit?
We bring our expertise and passion to help Mozillians do great work.
We function as a unified team and as an integrated part of Mozilla.
We power the mission with financial resources.

How do we work?
In the open.
With pride.
With meticulous processes.
With humility.
With empathy.
We collaborate.
We listen, a lot.
We ask ourselves for our best work, we support each other and other Mozillians.
We seek the truth, and tell it well.
We build and model healthy culture.
We solicit responsibly, with the best intentions for our donors and Mozilla.

What are our competencies?
Mission-based fundraising.
Digital fundraising.
Institutional fundraising.
Data-driven fundraising.
Emotional fundraising.
Donor journeys.
Pipeline development.
Major gifts cultivation.
Relationship development & management.