Hive 2015 recap & Learning Pop-Up!

The end of 2015 is just around the corner, and again we’ve had a fantastic year of the Hive Learning Pop-Up since our launch in 2014.  Here’s how 2015 went down!

Since our launch in fall 2014, in partnership with our awesome community partner – the Vancouver Maker Foundation, we’ve managed to organize a series of smaller-scale, community-based, quarterly Maker Education Salon to sustain engagement and interest with the local Maker Education community.  The #MakerEdBC community has definitely grown and expanded since the Hive Pop-Up kick off in 2014.

In Summer 2015, our wonderful community partner from the Vancouver Public Library approached us, asking for the Hive Vancouver team to put together another Hive Learning Pop-Up because of the success from 2014.  Though we’re down 1 person with Kat pursuing her PhD in the UK, Dethe & I persisted and managed to rally up local Mozillians and volunteer contributors to put the event together.

On November 14, a rainy Saturday afternoon, our rock star volunteer contributors & Hive community partners came together at the VPL and we’ve pulled together another year of a successful Hive Learning Pop-Up for 2015!  Here’s just some of the highlights from this year’s event:


After a full year of community effort, I can proudly say that we’ve definitely surpassed ourselves from last year.   To pat ourselves on the back, we’ve managed to double our number of community partners participating in Hive Learning Pop-Up, nailed the #MakerEdBC hashtag on Twitter, and gained traction by increasing interest from local communities.