How to join us for our first-ever global sprint

As we’ve mentioned before (a couple of times — we’re excited!), our first-ever Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint is coming up next week, on July 22-23. It’s a chance for members of the open science community and those who are interested to get together at one of our 16 sites and work on one of many ongoing open science projects with like-minded colleagues who care about open data and research.

The aim of the Sprint is two-fold: first, to further open science on the web, and second, to give the community a chance to connect and collaborate in person.

Everything you need to know can be found on the sprint etherpad. Look for the list of sites around line 97 (as of this writing) and the list of projects starting around line 40. Our sites include Wellington, NZ; Melbourne, Australia; Kraków, Poland; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Paris, France; London, UK; Edinburgh, UK; Tallahassee, Charlottesville (VA), Albany, New York City, East Lansing, Austin, Norman (OK), and San Francisco in the USA, and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

Here’s what to do to join us:

  1. Sign up on the etherpad at the site you’ll be working from. This will let the host know to expect you and how much coffee (etc.) to order.
  2. Have a look at the projects and decide which one you’d like to work on. Each project has its own Etherpad with a description of the project and information about what’s needed. (You don’t have to work on the same project as the other people at your site; we’ll have video connections between sites, and we’ll be collaborating and chatting on Etherpads, Twitter, IRC, etc.) Have a project you’d like to propose? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Ping us at or ask your site host on the day what you can help with.
  3. Show up on July 22 at your site, make new friends, make open science on the web better.

And if you can’t get to any of the sites, feel free to join the party online.

You don’t have to be a scientist or a developer to participate; we will be working on lightweight teaching kits, open educational materials, primers on open science, data materials, illustrations, documentation, and other things. A variety of skill sets will be welcome: educators, writers, designers, illustrators…!

We’ll be talking on Twitter under the hashtag #mozsprint (in fact, we already are) and on IRC on in the #sciencelab channel.

Have a look at the FAQ, have a look at the etherpad, and we hope to see you next week.