Announcing the Internet Health Report

Today, Mozilla is launching the Internet Health Report v.0.1 – an open source research and documentation project about the state of internet health, and we’d love your input!

Internet Health Report Site

This initial version of the Internet Health Report is designed to start a conversation. The report unpacks the health of the web across five issues: decentralization, open innovation, online privacy & security, digital inclusion, and web literacy. We chose to focus on these issues because they all have an influence on the social, technical, political and economic shape of the internet, and we’re featuring it on our blog because internet health is so integral to open science. Designed as a way to share academic papers, the internet has been the testing ground for open research and knowledge-share since inception. You can read more in Mark Surman’s blog post announcing the launch.

Our goal is to work with allies across the open Internet movement, to develop a touchstone report that we can all use in our work. That said, the Internet Health Report will only reach full potential with input from you and others who are part of the movement for a healthy, open internet.

We’re all invited to dive in here – you can add highlights, annotations and comments right on the website.
In particular, we’re interested in hear your thoughts on:
* How might the format be improved?
* Are we asking the right questions?
* What related projects/research/experiences come to mind?
* Who is missing from this conversation?

Mozilla will share a summary of the feedback on the report in the spring and, throughout the year, will be forming a community to collaborate on version 1.0 of the report.

If you’d like to write, contribute research, or otherwise get involved in future versions of the report, there will be many opportunities: stay tuned to for updates, or reach out to Solana – the Internet Health Report Editor – with your ideas at