Introducing the monthly Mozilla Science Project Call

At the Science Lab, we’re exploring ways to help our community learn by building tools that make research more collaborative, accessible and usable. Through our Collaborate platform and sprints, we’ve seen that regular meetings help us share and support individual projects.

That’s why we’re trying out a monthly Mozilla Science Lab project call happening the 4th Thursday of every month. This call, based on our Collaborate platform, is designed to be a forum where we:

  • highlight new or outstanding contributors,
  • share updates and invite new contributors to our Collaborate projects and
  • learn and discuss best practices in open source.

Our first call will be this Thursday, November 26 at 11am ET. I understand that this is a holiday for our American friends, but we’ll test this out on a small scale and see how it goes :)

WHAT: Call for anyone interested participating in an open source project for science
WHEN: Nov 26, 11am ET

Join us Nov 26!

Everyone is welcome to join in! Designers, developers, researchers, publishers — pretty much anyone interested in participating and learning how to get involved in an open science project. We could use all sorts of input (beyond just code), so if you’re new to open source, come join us! We’d love to have you involved. We want to give researchers a painless way to experience open, iterative workflow and learn how open source can help their community.