MozFest: Science and the Web Sessions and Schedule

MozFest is almost upon us, so Abby has created a landing page for the Science and the Web track! There you’ll find summaries of each session, contact info for all the session leads, and links to the etherpads for each session to ask questions, exchange information and find out more details. We have three streams planned for you:

Sprints – we’ve got four sprint sessions planned for the weekend; each one is an intense 3-hour sprint on topics from citizen science projects to curriculum development. There’s something for everybody interested in open science, so check out the schedule and come get your hands dirty!

Share & Help – Participate in interdisciplinary discussions about how open science can learn from different fields and practices, or come ask an expert for advice, technical help or review ideas at our Office Hours station.

Training – Interested in open science but need to tool up some skills first? Jump into one of our training sessions on Git & GitHub, the IPython notebook, wrangling messy data and more!

I’m really impressed & excited for the diverse spectrum of activities, discussions and people that are going to be joining forces in the Science and the Web track this year – as always, I hope you’ll join us there!