Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS)

At the Mozilla Science Lab, we’re exploring ways to help the research community work together to leverage the web for science. Through our Collaborate platform and code sprints, we’ve seen that open source skills and communities enable collaborative learning and building on scientific software.

Last month, Mozilla launched an award program focused on supporting free and open source software. From the Mozilla Wiki:

Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) is a grant program specifically focused on supporting the Open Source and Free Software movement, with an initial allocation of USD $1 million.

The MOSS program is designed to recognize and celebrate communities who are leading the way with open source projects that contribute to our work and the health of the Web.

We’d love to see some open source software for scientific research represented here!

Who can apply?

Any project Mozilla uses and is in need of funds are welcome to apply for an award. Applications should be jointly submitted by a project lead and a Mozillian to champion the grant.

This program was designed to award financial support to accomplish a clear project goal. The Mozillian champion will vouch for the project and monitor progress and effectiveness of the award.

Read the full project and selection criteria.

What next?

If you have an open source scientific software project that meets the criteria, please get in touch! We would love to work with you on the application and see if we can act as the champion for open source development furthering science on the web.

Application deadline for the initial batch of MOSS grants: Sunday November 23rd, 11:59pm Pacific Time.


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