Mozilla Science Lab Week in Review, December 1-7


A great thank-you this week to all who participated in the round of conversations we conducted recently with Software Carpentry instructors, as we continue to study how best to support that community and amplify their heroic efforts; discretion requires me to omit participants’ names here – but they know who they are, and they have my sincere gratitude. If you have comments, stories, or reflections on teaching software workshops, please join in the conversation on the forum, or send them to me privately at bill mozillafoundation org – we consider your feedback above all as we hone our strategy to support the community, so let us know.

In & Around the Lab

This week was none other than Mozlandia! The whole Mozilla family descended on Portland, Oregon last week to reconnect, reflect on 2014, and make plans for next year together. The Science Lab has several very exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks – but no spoilers yet! This will be the last MSL Week in Review for 2014; in their place, the team will be reporting back with their thoughts, reflections and lessons learned from 2014, as well as beginning to share the plan for the year to come over the next couple of weeks; the Week in Review returns January 2015.

Near-Term Forecast

I’m excited to get back to our Code Review project we started a few months ago, and to which a number of community members made some really interesting contributions when it started – look for more content there before the end of the year.

As promised above, watch this space for more details on our 2015 plans – we hope you’ll join us.

Reading List

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