Mozilla Science Lab Week in Review, January 19-25


A big Lab thanks to Maryann Martone, Melissa Haendel and Dave de Roure, chairs of the FORCE2015 conference, which the Lab’s own Kaitlin Thaney helped organize. A fine time was had by all, thanks to the efforts of all who participated.

In & Around the Lab

The Lab was heads-down this week, working on our upcoming projects – the schedule has been finalized for Instructor Training at the Research Bazaar conference next month, and curriculum is being assembled by Bill Mills and Damien Irving in the lead up to that event. Abby Cabunoc is putting the finishing touches on the new and improved suite of web offerings from the Lab, and Arliss Collins has been working with the rest of the team to define and explore new event ideas for 2015.

Near-Term Forecast

Shauna Gordon-McKeon of Open Hatch has been chatting with Bill about a new collaborative event, based on Open Hatch’s successful Open Source Comes to Campus events, specially tailored to the open science community. More details are going to be announced tomorrow, including an invitation for you to help us shape this new project – stay tuned to join the conversation!

Reading List

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