Mozilla Science Lab Week in Review, July 20-26

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 Open Data & Replications

  • Karen Lazo reported on the new NSF-funded OpenfMRI project, an initiative to share fMRI data in a standardized format. According to the OpenfMRI website, data submitted to the project is placed under a public domain license where possible.
  • Kelly Ramirez et al’s article was accepted describing their proposal for a global platform for sharing soil biodiversity data, and the need for an accompanying standard data format.
  • Ben Goldacre described a recent replication study that contests findings of a major paper which recommended blanket deworming treatments for children in Kenya that went on to have major health policy ramifications in the region. The refutation was made possible when the original authors released their data for inspection by an independent team. Also see Goldacre’s recently released interview on open data at Oxford.

Blogs & Articles

Policy & Funding

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