Mozilla Science Lab Week in Review, June 22-28

The Week in Review is our weekly roundup of what’s new in open science from the past week. If you have news or announcements you’d like passed on to the community, be sure to share on Twitter with @mozillascience and @billdoesphysics, or join our mailing list and get in touch there.

Jobs & Awards

  • The Mozilla Science Lab opened applications for three fellowship positions. The Fellows will work from within their home institutions to advance open science in their fields, with support and training from the Science Lab. Kaitlin Thaney blogged about some of the motivations behind this program.

Tools & Projects

Meetings & Conferences

  • The third Working towards Sustainable Software for Science Practice and Experience (WSSSPE3) has opened its first call for participation. The meeting will be September 28-29 in Boulder, CO, and will be organized around self-directed teams seeking to “produce software that is more sustainable, including developing sustainable career paths for community members.”

Blogs & Articles


Government & Policy

  • The European Commission recently convened a meeting entitled ‘Opening up to an ERA of Innovation’; open science highlights include an article from Günther H. Oettinger describing the forthcoming European Open Science Cloud, and a speech transcript from Carlos Moedas, the new commissioner for research, science & innovation.