Mozilla Science Lab Week in Review March 23-29

The Week in Review is our weekly roundup of what’s new in open science from the past week. If you have news or announcements you’d like passed on to the community, be sure to share on Twitter with @mozillascience and @billdoesphysics, or join our mailing list and get in touch there.

Conferences & Events

  • The International Science 2.0 Conference in Hamburg ran this past week; a couple of highlights from the conference:
    • The OKFN highlighted their proposed Open Definition, to help bring technical and legal clarity to what is meant by ‘openness’ in science.
    • GROBID (site, code), a tool for extracting bibliographic information from PDFs, was well-received by attendees.
  • The first World Seabird Twitter Conference presentations have been compiled in a post over at Storify (what’s a ‘Twitter Conference’? Check out their event info here).
  • Document Freedom Day was this past Wednesday; more than 50 events worldwide highlighted the value of open standards, and the key role of interoperability in functional openness.
  • Right here at the Mozilla Science Lab, we ran our first Ask us Anything forum event on ‘local user groups for coding in research’, co-organized with Noam Ross – check out the thread and our reflections on the event.

Blogs & Papers

Government & Policy

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