Mozilla Science Lab Week in Review – Oct 13 – 19

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Articles & Blogs

  • The question of data ownership is very complex – read how Kristin Briney and her co-authors study the question of “who owns your data ?” by looking at data policies for 206 universities in the US. Kristen’s post outlines their high level results and you can read the full article here.
  • eLife published a report by Valerie Henderson of McGill University outlining the results obtained by reexamining data from 158 experiments testing the drug sunitinib. Results highlight how a “lack of methodological riguour” and the exclusion of negative findings in publications can lead to an overestimation of treatment effectiveness.
  • The reuse of one’s research data is something scientists should be proud of, not scared of. Chris Gorgolewski tweets this sentiment about a research study by Daniele Marinazzo that uses data he published a year ago.


  • The Digital Library Federation (DLF) is looking for ideas on how to improve collaboration within their community. To add your ideas / questions to the interactive DLF Forum closing event, “Capacity and Community: Setting Agendas for Our DLF,” head over to the DLF Community Idea-Hopper and fill it out.
  • If you missed the “Open Science & Open Data – the latest from RDA & beyond” 1-day seminar hosted by RDA Europe in early October you can take a look at the presentation slides – they’re posted.
  • The Open Data Institute (ODI) Summit 2015 is back in London, UK and taking place November 3, 2015. The theme this year – “Generation Open: innovators and entrepreneurs, customers and citizens, students and parents who embrace network thinking”. tickets on sale here.
  • Gary McDowell comments on past work at the Future of Research Symposium and their upcoming meeting Oct 22-24, 2015 – if you’re interested in learning more about their work look here for a way to “listen in”. Read Gary’s article on The Winnower.

At the Science Lab

  • The Science Lab was in a really cool space in Brooklyn, NY last week onboarding the inaugural Mozilla Fellows for Science. Lots of great information and ideas were exchanged along with an in-depth look at the work and experience the Fellows will bring to open data, education, citizen science and more. Here’s a presentation from our Fellow in the UK, Richard Smith-Unna. We wrapped up Day One with the amazing folks at Data & Society and closed Day Two with an awesome team-building exercise.

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