Mozilla Science Lab Week in Review: September 21-27

The Week in Review is our roundup of what’s new in open science from the past week. If you have news or announcements you’d like passed on to the community, be sure to share on Twitter with @MozillaScience and @arlissc99, #openscience or join our mailing list and get in touch there.

Projects & Resources

  • Remi Daigle presented a great session on “Intro to GIS mapping in R” at the Acadia University study group meetup.
  • GitHub has made available their new Classroon for GitHub which will help teachers streamline the administrative tasks related to running large courses.
  • Penguin Watch could use your help. Take a moment to join this citizen science project relaunched on the Zooniverse crowdsourcing site and count some penguins in remote regions.
  • Hacker Hours offers some great resources for anyone interested in GitHub, finding projects, getting a job, + open source. No matter what skill level you’re at they have some great tips & tricks. Take a browse through their material – there’s something for everyone.


  • The Center for Open Science (COS) has awarded 29 grants totally $300k to advance openness, integrity and reproducibility. These grants are divided into two categories: Incubator and Integration grants. Find a list of the grants and their recipients here. Congratulations to all who received one of these grants.

At the Science Lab

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