New Hive Toronto projects coming in September 2013


“We believe all these skills are poorly covered by traditional programs, but essential to improving youths’ ability to produce creative work in and out of school.”


Remix the City

  • “REMIX the city” is an urban experience for youth that invites them to become more involved in their city by developing creative and digital skills.
  • Youth will communicate stories that matter to them using video snippets and the language of web video.
  • Designed by FabSpaces, the workshops are an evolution of the “photo-walk,” replacing the camera with a smartphone or tablet to create remixable content.
  • The workshop teaches how to produce media for the digital age, using a custom mobile app to discuss aspects like Creative Commons licensing, sharing through social media, remix culture and video encoding.
  • Contact: Gaby Avina at

Digi Story Making

  • Hosted by Story Planet, Digi Story Making is a 12-week workshop series that helps youth use technology as an instrument for creativity.
  • Mentors will help students express themselves through new tools and approaches to storytelling.
  • The project will be youth-led, including the stories they choose to tell, underlying curiosities and passions, and tools participants use to shape and share their stories
  • The project will culminate in youth-created digital stories, a public screening, and an online resource created using Mozilla’s Thimble tool for creating web pages.
  • Contact: Joe Lasko at

Making Makers

  • Working together, MakerKids, Kids Learning Code, TIFF and The Toronto Public Library will develop Technology Workshop Modules and Training Conferences for educators.
  • These resources will be available online for download, and we will be featured at Toronto training conferences.
  • This will give educators the tools they need to run technology workshops that deliver open-ended inquiry activities, going beyond demos and allowing youth to create something with purpose driven by their own vision.
  • Contact: Laura Plant at

“We believe that through the process of making and creating with technology, youth are encouraged to look at the world as something that can be actively changed — instead of simply acting as consumers.”

Wide Open Wednesdays

  • Wide Open Wednesdays (WOW) is a creative platform that will launch in September as a series of monthly workshops spotlighting maker culture in the GTA, promoting its key principles of openness, sustainability and self-sufficiency.
  • Drawing on the Textile Museum of Canada’s strengths as a participatory educational and exhibition space, WOW will create a community hub where digital media skills and physical making can come together, turning learners into co-designers and makers.
  • Emphasizing intergenerational learning, WOW builds on the Museum’s commitment to being both “high touch” and “high tech,” supporting informal mentorship and interdisciplinary, co-creative participation from youth.
  • The TMC’s Wide Open Studio will provide an ongoing exhibition space for the artistic and creative processes that result, with opportunities to explore and remix content created during the workshops.
  • Contact: Susan Fohr

Sustainable Communities Tech Camp and Pop-ups

  • The Golden Horseshoe Green Tech summer camp will provide 20 to 25 at-risk youth aged 9 to 14 in Hamilton’s North End with a free week-long Information and Communications Technology camp.
  • In collaboration with St. Mary’s School in Hamilton and the Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club,  the focus is on youth that show promise in computer and creative fields, primarily from low-income households and new Canadians.
  • The main goal is to bring together the two themes of technology and environmental sustainability. Youth will be immersed in self-directed learning and critical thinking situations, developing a sense of community responsibility and learning about the importance of sustainability in their neighbourhood.
  • GHGT will continue to offer connected learning opportunities to Hamilton youth through two “pop-up” events in September and November, with campers acting as peer mentors.
  • Contact: Nick Longaphy at

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