Official Mozilla Gear Is Now Open for Business

Today is the day: The new Official Mozilla Gear website is open for business:

Official Mozilla Gear is the public site where anyone can buy branded gear for their own personal use or to give to loved ones. 
Consider this v. 1.0 of Official Mozilla Gear — the gear  available is just a start, new items will roll out regularly. 


Exclusively for our official launch we are offering a Limited Edition Lithograph titled “Mozilla Heroes”. It’s based on original art by Sam Spratt created just for Mozilla. Get it while supplies last!

On first look, you’ll probably notice there are lots of ways isn’t like every other gear site. For starters, real Mozillians model the apparel. That’s because we want the site to reflect our incredible, diverse community.
Speaking of diversity, we’re a global organization. Though right now is US-EN only, under the hood this site is built for our global mission. More locales will be launched in the future.
And because we our mission is a global one, we thought that no matter where a Mozillian is in the world, they should be able to get a Firefox Logo T-shirt shipped right to their door at a reasonable cost. Shipping one T-shirt can be expensive in some parts of the world, costing $15 or more plus tax compared to $5-8 in the U.S. That’s why we are trying out a flat shipping rate to lower the barrier to get a Firefox shirt. No matter where you live, the Firefox Logo T-shirt has one flat shipping fee. 
It took dozens of Mozillians and two vendors to build and launch this site, but this is just the beginning. It’s intended to grow from here, and there are lots of exciting things on the roadmap. To get in on the conversation about gear you can hang out with us in the #mozillagear IRC channel.
Thanks, and enjoy your new gear — don’t forget to use hashtag #mozgear on social media. Selfies in T-shirts encouraged :)