One Weird Trick For More Donations From Your Homepage

Here it is: Make it dead-simple for site visitors to find a donation link or button.

We increased the click-to-donate elements on Mozilla’s homepage from one to four during the campaign. As a result, we’ve raised over $10,000 in donations through those links in the last 12 days. Before we added more links, our average donation revenue from the same page was $5,000 per month.

Here are the four elements and their placement on the homepage:

Four donate link elements and their location on the homepage


Before the campaign tweaks were made, the homepage had one “donate” text link in a secondary navigation menu at the top of the page called “Tabzilla.” Here is Tabzilla before:

Pre-campaign donate link location in Tabzilla nav


Tabzilla after:

Tabzilla during the campaign.


The link in the page footer was the easiest to add for the web team, so it went live first (November 27th). The humble footer link is the source of 48% of homepage donations so far (over $4,800):


As of December 7th all four “donate” elements are now live on the homepage. On December 8th and 9th total donations through the homepage reached new highs – over $1,000 per day.


Adding more links isn’t the only reason donations through the homepage have increased. You can count on an increase in donor traffic to your homepage during a major multichannel campaign like this one. If we’re doing it right, Mozilla supporters are getting signals from all directions about the campaign (email, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit; etc). Many will see a campaign mention then surf over to the homepage to give. Some will first do a keyword search to check Mozilla out, then seek out our homepage once they decide to give.

Whatever path leads them to the homepage, we’ve made the tweaks that will increase the chance we get their donation.

It may be weird, but it works.