Project Call – Feb 25 12ET

Join our next project call, Thursday, February 25th at 12pm ET, to learn how you can get involved in open source and open science! Each month, we celebrate new contributors, hear updates on our Collaborate projects, and share tips on working openly and collaboratively on research software.

This month, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be hearing from some personal open source heroes of mine, Aidan Feldman and Melody Kramer from 18F on “Best Practices in Open Source”. 18F is digital design and technology agency within the U.S. government with a passion for open source (don’t believe me? check out their open source policy!).

You can find more info on this month’s meeting in the agenda.

***Please note the change in time this month!***

What is the Science Lab Project Call?

Featuring the open source projects for science in our Collaborate platform, this call is a forum where we:

  1. highlight new or outstanding contributors,
  2. share updates and invite new contributors to our Collaborate projects and
  3. learn and discuss best practices in open source.

Everyone is welcome to join in! Designers, developers, researchers, publishers — pretty much anyone interested in participating and learning about open science projects. We could use all sorts of input (beyond just code), so if you’re new to working openly, come join us! We’d love to have you involved.

Join us on the fourth Thursday of every month // 12pm Eastern .

Mozilla Science Lab Project Call Details

Fourth Thursday of every month
9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm BT / 8:00 pm East Africa