RadioZilla! A 2014 Hive Toronto CCP Initiative

This featured blog is a summary of three blogs originally posted on the Regent Park Focus website from April 24 and May 8 and Facing History and Ourselves from June 7, 2014.

One of the 2014 Collaborative Community Projects, RadioZilla aimed to work with students from across the Greater Toronto Area to create social justice-oriented radio segments for broadcast on Radio Regent. Over the course of six weeks, the youth-led audio documentaries allowed participants to work together to interview, edit, and tell important stories on critical topics such as identity, bystander behaviour, religion, and standing up for others.

This coming Tuesday, June 24 Regent Park Focus and Facing History & Ourselves are hosting a Wrap Up party to celebrate the project!

Click here to see more details regarding the Wrap Up party or continue on below to read more about RadioZilla.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inspired by HiveNYC’s Radio Rookies, Regent Park Focus and Facing History collaborated to produce youth-led internet radio series, school curriculum guide, audiovisual slideshows using web-maker tools, and a project documentary. Working with 5 different TDSB high schools, the project will be contributed by 20 students in the first phase.


Today marks the first day of the RadioZilla Project. We spent most of the day doing introductions and tours of the Regent Park Focus space, TV studio and radio studios. We also presented some examples of radio documentaries produced by HiveNYC’s Radio Rookies to give them a better idea of the project and how to incorporate visual theme with their audio.



Thursday, May 8, 2014

RadioZilla – Interview Training
Tonight the students from Radiozilla came in to learn how to properly conduct interviews using handheld recorders and mics, how far you should be from your interviewee and how you should go about asking your questions to get quality answers.


As part of the interview training the students conducted mock interviews using the remote recording equipment provided by Regent Park Focus.This process is to gear them up for when they are ready to interview people on the streets of Toronto for their audio documentaries.

They did an awesome job!

Funding for this project was provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Mozilla Hive Toronto.