Rebuilding Mozilla’s donate form using ReactJS

Last year’s fundraising campaign was a success thanks to the team who worked on it. After the campaign ended our team met together to see what worked well and what didn’t go as planned. The engineers who worked on the project decided to improve our donation forms using new technology to make donation easier for users, and to do this we decided to rewrite our forms from ground up using ReactJS.

What does ReactJS helps us?
ReactJS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Its concept is to build each part of the website as a modular (think of it as a lego block, allowing us to combine different blocks to make a complete website). Being able to create things as modular as possible will allow us to reuse the same components in different ways to create a better form that will work best for user experiences. It also means is that we can accept more currencies support and have better localization support.

Our live form on is still using the old version, but if you would like to follow our progress you can check out this repo on Github: We are hoping to roll out new ReactJS version before starting our 2015 End of Year campaign, so that users will have better experience with our donation flows.