Save the Date: Mozilla Science Australasia Call, June 25

Our next Australasia Community Call is coming up on Thursday, June 25 at 10 AM AEST; the call is open to the public, and call in details can be found on the call etherpad, where you can also find notes and the agenda.

Science Lab Community Calls, taking place each month, highlight recent developments and work of the community relevant to science and the web. Join us to hear more about current projects, find out how you can get involved, and hear from others about their work in and around open research.

The theme for our call this month will be open and reproducible research on the cloud. Our first speaker will be Tim Dettrick, engineer on the DIT4C project from Research Platforms at the University of Melbourne, a cloud based environment designed for streamlining workshops; also joining us will be Ariel Gold from Amazon Web Services, discussing the open data program she’s working on at Amazon. Finally, we’ll be hearing from Arna Karick of Swinburne on real use of notebooks in physics & astronomy; Arna will also be giving us an update on forthcoming events at Swinburne, including .Astronomy 7.

Have an update, blog post or event you’d like to share relevant to open science? Add it to the etherpad (see ‘Non Verbal Updates’ and ‘Upcoming Events’). It’s a great way to share what you’re working on and/or interested in with the community. Also, if you’re involved with a local meetup group that’s welcoming new participants, add the contact information to the etherpad under ‘Meetup Groups’.

Mark your calendars, tune in and help us spread the word – everyone is welcome. For call-in details and links, check out the etherpad. We hope you’ll join us.