Study Groups + Google Summer of Code 2017

Each year, Google kicks off a project to support student technologists in contributing to open source between semesters, called Google Summer of Code (GSoC). This year, the Mozilla Science Lab is happy to announce that we will be a host organization for one student to work on collecting statistics and creating visualizations of our Study Group Project!

The Project

The objective of the project as we submitted it, is to solicit a student contributor for three months to work on stats visualizations for the Study Group forks, for placement on the Study Group Events page. It should be a fun project with multiple opportunities to build skill in data architecture development, scripting-language development, and visualization concepting!
Interested in learning more, or submitting a proposal?

Our tidy little GSoC Planning Repo!

The planning repository includes many files that hopefully will help our student applicants submit proposals:
  • Timeline – GSoC timeline for proposal submission
  • Roadmap – outline for the project goals (short–>longterm) and the labeling schema for issues
  • Readme – overview of the project and all metadata the students need for their proposals
  • Issues – pre-populated with some idea issues from the roadmap, following the issue template
  • – guidelines for contributors (adapted from Abby’s model for Paper Badger
  • Data – some example files for making maps or charts
  • Code of Conduct – our standard guidelines for the Science Lab apply here too :)

Our issues have a few simple labels, check out the issues here!


Deadline for proposal submissions is April 3rd, and we’d love to select someone from our Mozilla Science Community! Please submit, and check out this handy guide for how to submit a proposal here. For project-specific inquiries, review the Study Group GSoC repo and reach out to aurelia[at]mozillafoundation[dot]org.
Happy coding!