Study Group Spotlight: Bianca Peterson

Each month, we feature an update from a Study Group Lead. This month we hear from Bianca Peterson (@binxiepeterson on Twitter), who manages a Genomics Study Group at North-West University in South Africa.

Study Group Description:

The North-West University Genomics Study Group is a community where we build NGS analysis capacity by sharing our knowledge and learning from each other, it’s co-managed by Bianca Peterson and Anelda van der Walt.

Bianca – our interviewee

Current plans:
We are taking a break and planning to resume in April. One of the objectives is to get everyone involved by letting them teach us about a cool tool/resources that they use for their research. Additionally, we want to make use of MOOCs to enhance our genomics knowledge and skills.

Check out their Study Group!

Contact Info:
If you are at NWU, please contact / to join us in person or join us virtually via Alternatively, join our sessions by sending a join request to our Hacky Hour group at
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