Study Group Spotlight: Bruno Grande

Each month, we feature  an update from a Study Group Lead. This month we hear from Bruno (@grandebruno), who co-manages the SciProg Study Group at SFU in Vancouver, B.C..
Scientific Programming at SFU site

Scientific Programming at SFU site

Study Group Description: The Scientific Programming Study Group at Simon Fraser University, or SciProg for short, is dedicated to building a community of researchers who perform computational data analysis as part of their academic work. SciProg promotes skill sharing and collaboration by (1) organizing one-hour interactive workshops covering a wide range of software tools, (2) providing Q&A sessions for peer-to-peer assistance and collaboration, and (3) bringing researchers together at social events like Hacky Hours. All are welcome to this study group, regardless of scientific research area, affiliation or training level.
Current plans: We are currently filling up our spring program. So far, we plan on continuing a series on machine learning in Python that we kicked off this month. There seems to be considerable demand for machine learning and we are lucky to have found a number of excellent instructors to lead workshops on the topic. We also typically cover R and its many packages in our workshops. Additionally, in association with the Library Research Commons, the Research Bazaar (or ResBaz) is scheduled to run on February 1-3, 2017. It’ll feature a number of talks and workshops, including 2-day workshops on Python programming and visual analytics. It was a success last year and we look forward to seeing it happen again in the new year.
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Study Groupers in-situ, SFU

Study Groupers in-situ, SFU