Study Group Spotlight: Mateusz Kuzak + Marc Galland + Carlos Martinez Ortiz

Each month, we feature an update from a Study Group Lead. This month we’re featuring Mateusz Kuzak, Carlos Martinez Ortiz and Marc Galland of the Amsterdam Science Park Study Group (@AdamSciencePark and @matkuzak on Twitter) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Study Group Description:

The Amsterdam Science Park Study Group acts as a co-working space and a networking place for life scientists working on genomic data.

Current plans:

They are now mainly helping PhD students to solve practical problems with R and Python. Most of the sessions since April have been in the form of co-working sessions where experts and beginners pair up. They have also set up two Git/Github sessions as well as two demo sessions of a RNA-Seq software.
For the next semester, demo sessions and co-working sessions are planned around themes in genomics for life sciences and image analysis.

Science Park Study Groupers in-situ

Study Group Link:

Contact Info:

If you’d like to reach out, you’re welcome to mail one of the organisers, or visit their website and come to the upcoming event:

  • Marc Galland:
  • Carlos Martinez Ortiz:
  • Mateusz Kuzak:

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