Study Group Spotlight: Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

Each month, we feature an update from a Study Group Lead. This month we hear from Vigneshwer “Viki” Dhinakaran (@dvigneshwer on twitter), who manages an Internet of Things (IoT) study group in Coimbatore, India.

Study Group Description:

FoxIOT is a study group of like-minded IOT researchers & enthusiasts located out in Coimbatore, India. The study group currently focusses on learning various IOT skills and aspires to build POC’s of IOT applications based on open science practices. The FoxIOT study group operates and conducts meetup/events in KGISL college hackerspace.

Check out their Study Group!

Current plans:

The study group has successfully completed 6 meetups and has published a gitbook with research activities of all the 6 meetups, where the team built a real-time monitoring system of PI leds.

FoxIOT SG currently focussing on three aspects,
* OpenData experiments
* Evangelizing about Study group in other regions
* Presenting the FoxIOT research activity at local events

Study Group Link:

Contact info:

Github Repo:
Telegram group:
ping @dvigneshwer in twitter and telegram for any queries

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