New Support from New Funder!

Mozilla Science Lab is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Siegel Family Endowment (SFE) that includes a multi-year award in support of Open Science Fellowships and a Network Manager to expand and unify our programs across Mozilla’s Leadership Network (MLN).

Based in New York City, SFE opened in 2011 with a focus on investing at the “intersection of technology, industry, and education.” Through a partnership with Mozilla, SFE joins the growing movement for Internet health by increasing online access and participation in the academic research system, and helping us build leaders and advocates for an open and inclusive internet for all.  Mozilla supports, develops, connects, and rallies leaders who share these values; as the movement grows, companies and governments will have no choice but to react.

Mozilla Science Lab focuses on making publicly funded research more open, collaborative, and beneficial by maximizing access and contribution to papers, data, code, and materials. MSL promotes transparency and data sharing in the scientific process, and supports reproducibility of research to verify the accuracy of important findings. Members can advance their own professional work through peer-to-peer learning, open practice and other opportunities, and many evolve into leaders and champions for the movement. However they evolve, all leaders model learned ‘open’ values and practices in their institutions, products and policies around the world.

Scratch logoOther Siegel-supported projects include Scratch Foundation,  Khan Academy, and Cornell Tech’s Teacher-In-Residence program.

This is a great opportunity for MSL to expand our community-driven mentorship programs across the foundation. We’ll be putting out a call for the next round of Open Science Fellowship applications in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

And thank you, Siegel Family Endowment!