Software Carpentry Week in Review: February 23 – March 2, 2014

What’s Happening Next Week

Workshops in the coming months need instructors and helpers: we have open spots for Toronto and Vancouver in Canada, Cold Spring Harbor and Ithaca in New York, Paris in France, Pisa in Italy, and Atlanta in Georgia. Please check the details in these Etherpads for the American camps and the European camps, or contact Amy and Arliss.


Three workshops happened this week:

Upcoming workshops

  • 03/10 : University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA USA.
  • 03/17 : New York University, New York, NY USA.
  • 03/17 : University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley CA USA.
  • 03/17 : University of Washington, Seattle WA USA.
  • 03/17 : Purdue University, Lafayette IN USA.

Lesson development

5 pull requests were merged, 4 issues were closed, and 3 issues were opened. In addition to the merges, we had 43 commits made by Philipp Bayer, Raniere Silva, Denis Haine, Bill Mills, Michael Selik, Greg Wilson, and Tim McNamara.

Other news