Software Carpentry Week in Review: June 9-21, 2014

What’s happening this week

The monthly Software Carpentry lab meeting will be this Thursday, June 26th, at 10am and 7pm ET. Details are in this Etherpad.


Upcoming workshops

  • June 24–25: Rockfeller University, New York.
  • June 24–25: Womem in Science and Engineering, Philadelphia.
  • June 25–26: Univeristy of Reading, UK.
  • June 26–27: University of Notre Dame, Indiana.
  • Jun 30-Jul 1: Stanford University, California.

Lesson development

In these two weeks, 11 pull requests were merged, 6 issues were closed, and 11 issues were opened. In addition to the merges, we had 13 commits made by Greg Wilson, Raniere Silva, Ben Marwick, mestato, and Rémi Emonet.

Other news

A workshop needs you

  • US and Canada
    • A workshop at workshop at Stanford University at the end of July needs an instructor. Another instructor is needed at US Department of Agriculture in Athens, Georgia in September.
  • Europe
    • At least one instructor is needed for a workshop in Kiel in Germany, and several for workshops in Nottingham, Cambridge, and Oxford in the UK.

More details in the instructor-needed Etherpad.