Software Carpentry Week in Review: March 10-16, 2014

What’s happening next week


One workshop happened last week:

Upcoming/This Week’s Workshops

  • 03/17 : New York University, New York, NY USA.
  • 03/17 : University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley CA USA.
  • 03/17 : University of Washington, Seattle WA USA.
  • 03/17 : Purdue University, Lafayette IN USA.
  • 04/02 : University of Victoria, Victoria, BC Canada.

Lesson Development

8 pull requests were merged, 8 issues were closed, and 3 issues were opened. In addition to the merges, we had 17 commits made by Raniere Silva, Trevor W. King, and Greg Wilson.

Other News

  • Aleksandra Pawlik made a nice recap on the blog of the first Software Carpentry bootcamp at the Genome Analysis Center in Norwich, UK.
  • Justin Kitzes wrote an opinion post on why collaborative development of lessons and curricula is not as popular as collaborative coding or writing.
  • There is an open issue in our main repo to comment which are the tools that used to manage data analysis pipelines. Feel free to contribute.
  • Greg Wilson noticed a letter from Von Neuman written in 1952 where the famous mathematician laments that people does not read other people’s code.
  • Greg also wrote two opinion pieces on the blog: one about some old tools that becoming new again, and another about improvisation, Software Carpentry, and Jimi Hendrix.
  • Workshops for the spring and summer need instructors and helpers. If you’re close to North Carolina, they need an instructor for a workshop at Duke University in June. Another instructor is needed for Pisa in Italy for a workshop also in June. In adittion, open spots for Toronto and Vancouver in Canada, Cold Spring Harbor and Ithaca in New York, Paris in France, the Federal Reserve in Washington, and Atlanta in Georgia. Please check the details in this Etherpad or contact Amy and Arliss.