Software Carpentry Week in Review Nov 25 – Dec 1, 2013

On the Blog

  • Nick Brown summarizes some recent positive feedback from the DiRAC driving test administered in Edinburgh in his blog post, DiRAC Driving Test Comes to Edinburgh.
  • Lynne Williams has an excellent post describing a few things she wishes someone had told her about scientific computing. Some highlights from the article:
    • Code that runs isn’t necessarily code that is right
    • Good code takes good planning
    • Keep it simple
    • Nobody gets it right the first time
  • We are very pleased to announce that we will be running our second Women in Science and Engineering Bootcamp at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on April 14-15, 2014, with space for 120 attendees. Please mark your calendars if you intend to attend or instruct.
  • Registration is now open for the in-person instructor training course to be offered April 28-30 at the Mozilla office in Toronto.


We had contributions to the lessons repository from 8 authors this week, with 51 commits pushed to the gh-pages and master branches. On gh-pages, 35 files were modified across 16 merged pull requests.

We are tagging this repository as 2013.11 to indicate that it’s in a stable state for use by instructors and other learners. As a consequence, we have frozen development (other than critical fixes) in gh-pages; please start submitting pull requests against the master branch. Our thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:

  • Aron Ahmadia
  • Joshua Ainsley
  • Camille Avestruz
  • John Blischak
  • Azalee Bostroem
  • Jed Brown
  • Amanda Charbonneau
  • Matt Davis
  • Michael Droettboom
  • Milad Fatenejad
  • Patrick Fuller
  • Julian Garcia
  • Molly Gibson
  • Ivan Gonzalez
  • Tommy Guy
  • Steve Haddock
  • Michael Hansen
  • Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan
  • Trent Hauck
  • Konrad Hinsen
  • Preston Holmes
  • Katy Huff
  • Damien Irving
  • Stephen J. Eglen
  • Mike Jackson
  • Jessica Kerr
  • Radhika Khetani
  • Christina Koch
  • Steven Koenig
  • Bernhard Konrad
  • Doug Latornell
  • Phil Lies
  • Matthew Lightman
  • Yuxi Luo
  • Cam Macdonell
  • Aronne Merrelli
  • Paul P.H. Wilson
  • Fernando Perez
  • Jon Pipitone
  • Ariel Rokem
  • Joshua Ryan Smith
  • Anthony Scopatz
  • Raniere Silva
  • Richard T. Guy
  • W. Trevor King
  • Will Trimble
  • Ben Waugh
  • Ethan White
  • Lynne Williams
  • Greg Wilson
  • Sasha Wood

How to Help Software Carpentry this Week

We need your help reviewing the proposed release. Please take some time to review the state of the repository and comment here if you have any feedback. If you have made any contributions to the repository over the last year, now is the time to ensure that they are still present, or that you understand why they were modified.