Thanks to Our Amazing Supporters: A New Goal

We set a goal for ourselves of $1.75 million to raise during our year-end fundraising campaign this year. I’m excited to report that today—thanks to 213,605 donors representing  more than 174 countries who gave an average gift of $8 to Mozilla—we’ve reached that goal. Thank you so much!

I speak on behalf of my colleagues at Mozilla when I say we are in awe of all the expressions of support and love for the open Web.

With 12 days to go in 2014, we are going to raise the bar once more. We are committed to continuing the campaign so that Mozilla has the resources it needs to keep building and protecting the open Web for everyone.

We are setting a new goal: Mozilla aims to raise $2.1 million before December 31st.

It’ll be a challenge, but here on the fundraising team we’re feeling the wind in our sails. We believe we can reach $2.1 million with the help of our incredible supporters.

Our team is working straight through the holidays until midnight on December 31st to raise funds that will help Mozilla promote net neutrality, fight for user privacy, and teach the Web around the globe. We are honored to do it, and we are so grateful for all the support.